Monday Fashion Forecast: Summer Basics

Never too late for a little inspiration!

The Bargain Trendsetter


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Hello everyone! Hope you all had a marvelous weekend. I had the pleasure of visiting GORGEOUS Napa, Ca. I swear I can NEVER get enough of that place. The views of rolling vineyards, phenomenal tasting locations that resemble mansions, and a wide variety of restaurants that make my mouth water just thinking about them. I’m tellin’ you, Napa is one of a kind, and I am a FAN!

For today’s “bargain trendsetting” looks, I wanted to incorporate some of the elements that make Napa so breathtaking, as well as add to our “majestic beauty of water” theme. I started out with a basic, soft blue tank, and crafted two dazzling looks from it. For the “work” look, I paired the top with a uniquely designed geometric print blazer, flirty black skater skirt, color block clutch, and killer ankle boots. Yes, I know it’s…

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