All in the planning

I’m a perfectionist so I opted for the DIY wedding planning instead of hiring someone and feeling like my opinion comes second ( even though they make you feel like it was your idea from the start). Hubby was all for it since he knows how I am about planning and making things out of nothing ( DIY crafts/ scrapbooking and all). We were engaged in March 2013 and 6 months later wed September 7, 2013. I was my own event planner from the engagement party to the wedding and everything in between ! I have to say being so hands on throughout the whole process was an experience I’ll never forget. So much so that I am thinking of making it a part time hobby, or even a career changer! It’s been 4 months since our Big day, and I’m already going through planning with drawl, (being an avid Pinner on Pinterest doesn’t help either)…lol.

Even if you plan on going with a wedding planner or doing it yourself best tip I can give, first things first sign up for a free wedding website! I’m from Montreal, QC Canada so I opted for, just because it gave me more of local listing on florists, reception halls, vendors, where to get some décor and even for my invites. It also customizes all your planning To Do’s before the I Do’s, from the moment you are engaged until even after your off on your honeymoon. They have features like creating your own wedding website for you guest to look though and even RSVP,building your budget, guest list, seating chart ect. If like me, you are planning on having an engagement party and rehearsal dinner before the big day these lists will come in handy to keep things organized, and not leave you feeling like you forgot something.

Other websites I checked out were:

If you like to have your planner on hand with you on the go they also have mobile apps or if like me you still love holding a book you can also check out bookstores for wedding planners.

This was my bible for 6 months: Simple stunning wedding organizer by Karen Bussen


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